crest professional effects

Crest Professional Effects Whitening Strips

The current Professional Effects Whitening Strips available in stores were originally culminated from the discontinued Crest Premium Plus & Crest Professional. The current Professional Effects were launched in 2010 almost a decade after the very first Crest Whitening Strip was launched. In the 10 years that had passed Crest had made significant changes to how the product looked, was marketed and also in the product it self. It is fair to say that it had gradually improved to what we have today as the most comprehensive teeth whitening product Crest has ever released. Some of the changes have include incorporating Advanced Seal technology and then later being part of the 3D White range, it is safe to say Crest Professional Effects is the all time best selling white strip ever sold. This is in part to do with Crest constantly improving its product and having an incredible marketing machine.

How do you use them?

As ever Crest Whitening strips are simple to apply, just place each strip on the upper or lower set of teeth, as Professional Effects are “dry strips” using Advanced Seal technology, they adhere to your teeth easily. You apply the strips for 30 minutes and then remove, during this time you can drink water. A full course of Crest Professional Effects will last 20 days.

– THAT IS IT!! – $80 & 600 minutes over 3 weeks to have white teeth sounds like the bargain of the century to say this only 20 years ago would have cost thousands and several visits to a man in a white coat!

Do they actually work?

Crest 3D White Luxe Professional effects as they are officially called, are backed by a tonne of reviews. They have consistently been rated as the #1 whitener by all the big magazines like good house keeping etc. pretty much every year. Anyway don’t be lazy!, just google it and you will see a tonne of bloggers on youtube which have put in depth reviews showing the difference from day 1 til the end of the course.

We personally rate Professional Effects above all the other whiteners from crest, it is the staple of their brand and there is good reason for it, they just genuinely work