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Teeth Whitening has become the great equaliser for the normal working class since the 2000’s. For far too long the appearance of good oral hygiene has been associated with wealth, luxury and the generally fortunate at everything celebrities and the like. The sad truth is the majority of people do not have gleaming pearly whites as it is very hard to maintain from brushing alone, this is why the average person will have at the least slightly tinged or stained teeth which can really effect ones appearance.

As not having white teeth can really effect your appearance it has never been acceptable for celebrities but was normally out of reach for the average Joe. Before the explosion of Crest Whitening Strips there really was little option for teeth whitening than expensive, drawn out treatments from the dentist. These were often painful due to the high levels of peroxide used by dentists as they would have to administer a treatment in a relatively short space of time to get results. It would normally require several trips to the dentist and the cost was unnecessarily high. What would have cost $1000’s + from the dentist now costs from $60 from crest. The treatments use the same ingredients therefore clearly the cost was over inflated and must have been a very good, profitable source of income for dentists at the time.

This is probably why there were many international dental associations which have lobbied against home teeth whitening kits and in particular crest whitening strips as it has effectively removed one of the most profitable areas for dental practices. Luckily Crest are owned by Proctor & Gamble, one of the world’s largest conglomerates which owns some of the worlds best known home brands, they have the cash to hang with large dental association’s legally and stand up to them. There is however, one area of the world where Crest Whitening Strips are not legally sold, this is inside the European Union. It is safe to say the European Union’s CPNP has the strictest rules in the world when it comes to the Health & Beauty market however, in this case it seems the EU has been hypocritical in the way it has treat home teeth whitening kits. Inside the EU teeth whitening kits can not contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide – this amount is VERY LOW  and would never whiten a tooth. The claim is it should only be administered by a dental professional seems some what out dated as when large proven companies like crest introduce a product like Crest Whitestrips safety is always their #1 priority, nothing makes a product unprofitable like a few lawsuits over blatant disregard over safety standards. A feeling of the EU protecting a whole industry comes to mind and perhaps have allowed the dental lobbyist’s of a 28 country block the power of persuasion. The rest of the world can just go to the local pharmacy or supermarket and pick up a pack of Crest Whitening Strips and presto have white teeth one week later but No need to fear Europe, luckily in the age of the internet, UK (because of Brexit, the laws will still be the same for a long time) and the rest of the EU can still buy Crest Whitestrips from companies like Crest Whitestrips Direct which are based outside of Europe however can deliver and sell to UK/EU customers.

Thankfully now crest white strips are available globally (with a work around EU)  at a reasonable price which really means there is no excuse to have stained teeth, the dream of looking like Simon Cowell is now really possible for everyone however, the chest hair and general arrogance may be a little harder to acquire.

crest whitestrips review

The Crest Whitestrips Review People

Lets just set out who we are.

As you may have read above, we love crest whitestrips and can’t hide from that but we are in general critical people and still have a lot of things to criticise crest about just as we have been bashing dental associations and the EU we also have a lot to say about Crest. The purpose of this website is to help the average person navigate through the uninspiring celebrity endorsement of crest whitening strips, the glossed over, fluffy on detail commercials they bring out, catchy phrases like “3d White”, “Advanced Seal Technology”, “advanced vivid”, “3D Smile” and by far the most confusing line of products the world has ever seen from which all the products do exactly the same thing!

From a insider’s perspective of what is wrong and what is right for each product crest have brought out in their teeth whitening range. You can find a full in depth review of each product which is honest and critical to help anyone who is looking at purchasing crest strips. For most people who live in the internet era, life is fast paced and everything should of been here yesterday, most of the write ups will be skimmed to get to the good bits, so I will make it easier for you; Crest Professional Effects always has been and probably always will be the best product they have brought out, the rest are either more expensive versions of the same thing and cheaper versions with less peroxide therefore less whitening.

Just to outline, we still think crest whitening strips have changed the world, you can see from the picture above a real world before and after from using Crest Professional Effects, it’s not hard to see how improvement like that can really change lives, not in the far removed wasteful charity commercials on TV kind of way, but a real life person who we all probably know and could do with a confidence boost. This is why we have created this website in some ways you could even look at this as a small shrine on the increasingly wide world wide web. Thank you Crest, We love you!